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13 Attitudes That A Great Employees Would Have

I recently had a conversation with executives at Chipotle, a fast-growing company in the Food industry about how they recruit. Works out that they look for candidates who have 13 specific attitudes, even for jobs that aren’t customer-facing like IT, Viet Nam software outsourcing, and Vietnam software services. When I saw their list of attitudes, I realized immediately that thoseContinue reading “13 Attitudes That A Great Employees Would Have”

Software Development Advice You Should Ignore

Startup development projects get derailed by well-intentioned — but terrible — advice. Listed below are 6 pearls of wisdom worth ignoring. Building quality software is tough. And sometimes, misguided insights ensure it is much tougher. When creating quality code and building great software, it is essential to carefully plan your project and communicate well duringContinue reading “Software Development Advice You Should Ignore”

Vietnam IT Outsourcing Hotspot: A Small But Mighty Powerhouse

India reigned for decades since the world’s most dominant business process outsourcing (BPO) destination, but times have changed. In accordance with trade association Nasscom, the Indian BPO industry has just seen its largest employment drop in seven years, while its information technology (IT) sector saw its second year of increasing unemployment. As India adjusts to changing expectations and demand,Continue reading “Vietnam IT Outsourcing Hotspot: A Small But Mighty Powerhouse”

A Guide For Nontechnical Founders Who Are Looking For Outsourcing Software Development

The global tech talent pool hasn’t looked more inviting, especially whilst the demand for software developers continues its dramatic rise. Actually, predicated on the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, “Employment of software developers is projected to cultivate 24% from 2016 to 2026, even more quickly than the normal for many occupations.” If your background isContinue reading “A Guide For Nontechnical Founders Who Are Looking For Outsourcing Software Development”

Why is Sitecore a Friendly CMS For Any Enterprise?

Today, in the pursuit of offering better customer experience and reducing the full time of customer acquirement, enterprise companies are buying a unified platform that lets them drive and collaborate on customer engagement. Sitecore development as a powerful CMS is successfully fulfilling these demands with flexibility and power to bring Enterprise’s unique visions to real life. SitecoreContinue reading “Why is Sitecore a Friendly CMS For Any Enterprise?”

Vietnam software industry sees the opportunity to growth overseas

Vietnam saw growth in the domestic software market decelerate in the last five years, but outsourcing for foreign markets was higher.  According to the report of the Vietnam Software development Association (Vinasa), it showed the big problems of the world’s and domestic economies that led to the decline in the growth of the Vietnamese software industry inContinue reading “Vietnam software industry sees the opportunity to growth overseas”

What’s Next for IoT?

The Internet of things (IoT) is one of the very most exciting trends in the recent history of technology so far. As connectivity, storage, and computer be much more universal, we’re seeing an explosion of software solutions, from medical care to public safety, all pointing towards one conclusion: The IoT will be here to keep. Just like every otherContinue reading “What’s Next for IoT?”

Hi Boss! I Want to Transfer to Another Team

Sometimes you will find yourself with a great job but you wish to pivot vary slightly within the exact same company. What’s the easiest way to approach your boss and let them know that you’d want to transfer to another team or department?Early within my career, I approached my boss about the chance of joiningContinue reading “Hi Boss! I Want to Transfer to Another Team”

Growing Mobile Technology On The Financial Industry: What Are The Main Implications

Smartphones have revolutionized the entire world with techniques of unthinkable to more or less ten years ago. With over one billion users worldwide and significantly more than 2.5 million apps, smartphones have grown to be an intrinsic element of our day-to-day lives. It’s no further a tool for merely keeping touching people; with increasing capabilities,Continue reading “Growing Mobile Technology On The Financial Industry: What Are The Main Implications”

Common Misunderstood about Quality Assurance in Custom Software Outsourcing?

When many people consider Quality Assurance—or QA to the initiated—they believe of a space high in obnoxious overgrown teenagers pounding on the keyboards trying to produce software malfunction. A person with IT experience in Vietnam software outsourcing knows there’s more to it than that, but many custom software projects come across problems because the connection involving theContinue reading “Common Misunderstood about Quality Assurance in Custom Software Outsourcing?”