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What’s Next for IoT?

The Internet of things (IoT) is one of the very most exciting trends in the recent history of technology so far. As connectivity, storage, and computer be much more universal, we’re seeing an explosion of software solutions, from medical care to public safety, all pointing towards one conclusion: The IoT will be here to keep. Just like every otherContinue reading “What’s Next for IoT?”

Will you use the app for that medical issue?

Health apps are hailed for revolutionizing medicine. Just one single little problem: Many of them are wildly incorrect. Can your smartphone save a visit to the doctor’s office or even to the ER? That’s the premise of the $4-billion mobile health industry, with over 165,000 health apps open to download on your phone to diagnose,Continue reading “Will you use the app for that medical issue?”

Hi Boss! I Want to Transfer to Another Team

Sometimes you will find yourself with a great job but you wish to pivot vary slightly within the exact same company. What’s the easiest way to approach your boss and let them know that you’d want to transfer to another team or department?Early within my career, I approached my boss about the chance of joiningContinue reading “Hi Boss! I Want to Transfer to Another Team”

Success in New Year With These 9 Apps

Ready or not, the New Year’s here. And if you’re like everybody else around you today, you’re picking out some pretty ambitious resolutions. That’s awesome. Also probably a bit scary. Sure, it’s easy to express you’re going to obtain additionally organized — but how have you been actually going to accomplish this? We should introduceContinue reading “Success in New Year With These 9 Apps”

Top 3 Keys Helps You Get A Great Product Design

Being a developer is really a tough but fun job. As a CEO, I, unfortunately, don’t get to invest the maximum amount of time on the merchandise as I used to. A byproduct of leadership, doing my job as a CEO means hiring better engineers and designers to displace me. As a result of howContinue reading “Top 3 Keys Helps You Get A Great Product Design”

Growing Mobile Technology On The Financial Industry: What Are The Main Implications

Smartphones have revolutionized the entire world with techniques of unthinkable to more or less ten years ago. With over one billion users worldwide and significantly more than 2.5 million apps, smartphones have grown to be an intrinsic element of our day-to-day lives. It’s no further a tool for merely keeping touching people; with increasing capabilities,Continue reading “Growing Mobile Technology On The Financial Industry: What Are The Main Implications”

Common Misunderstood about Quality Assurance in Custom Software Outsourcing?

When many people consider Quality Assurance—or QA to the initiated—they believe of a space high in obnoxious overgrown teenagers pounding on the keyboards trying to produce software malfunction. A person with IT experience in Vietnam software outsourcing knows there’s more to it than that, but many custom software projects come across problems because the connection involving theContinue reading “Common Misunderstood about Quality Assurance in Custom Software Outsourcing?”


The speed of mobile application development is accelerating as companies compete to hit the industry first with new ideas and innovations. As the shift to continuous delivery ensures that new features and bug fixes roll out faster than previously, it, in addition, has precipitated a rise in the number of defects present in live software.Continue reading “MOBILE APP TESTING COVERAGE AND TIPS TO DO”

Three Trends Reshaping The Global Outsourcing Industry

Not a long time ago, outsourcing technology projects to offshore partners, whether in Asia, Europe, or beyond, was an old-fashioned and largely uncontentious practice for all U.S.-based businesses. Exactly what a difference a couple of years, an election and a Brexit referendum can make. Today there’s a brand new normal throughout the global marketplace that’sContinue reading “Three Trends Reshaping The Global Outsourcing Industry”

Web Development And Basic Understanding

A lot of people must have known about web development. Unfortunately, not fewer folks might still have a though that it’s the same thing with web design. Although web design is an integral part of it, both of them continue to be dissimilar to each other. Web designing is just a job where we manageContinue reading “Web Development And Basic Understanding”