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Web Development And Basic Understanding

A lot of people must have known about web development. Unfortunately, not fewer folks might still have a though that it’s the same thing with web design. Although web design is an integral part of it, both of them continue to be dissimilar to each other. Web designing is just a job where we manage to visual or appearance of a web site page. It aims to produce people who admire the general look. Meanwhile, developing a web site is more than that. Let’s dig some more about this so we shall know the difference.

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The Difference between Web Design and Development

To emphasize the diversity of both, we must give attention to the terms of design and development. As we said before, web design is related to the visual of a web site page. In comparison, web development is just a job where someone creates web-based applications. Unlike the style, caused by development can’t be seen directly. Basically, we developer has the capacity to make various things happen on a website. They are the connector of resources used in the site. They do database calls, make your website to be much more dynamic, and manage customers to communicate with all elements in the site. A specialist developer must have the ability to understand programming terms, either from the server or client-side. In addition, there are many apps they have to get it too. Those programming languages are JavaScript, ASP, Perl, Phyton, MySQL, Oracle, and many other languages.


Things to Do in Web Development

In developing a web site, there are many steps that really must be done, which are:

1. Planning.

Before you begin to make a website, we must arrange a plan. We need to know such things as reasons of making your website, budget, the goal of your website, and also how to produce and develop the site.

2. Designing.

In this part, what function is offered to the website must certainly be found out. Moreover, the visual of it must certainly be thought as well.

3. Constructing.

The sort of a web site must certainly be decided. The choices of it could be through various social networks, web-based applications, blogs, or else.

4. Testing.

Once the website is finally done, we must give it a take to first. When there is a mistake, then we cannot launch it yet to the Internet.

5. Marketing and service.

If everything is totally set out, we may release it publicly. To be able to get customers or clients, we must execute a promotion. We’ve to tell the goal of our website or why it could be beneficial to them. If we currently have some of them, then we must serve them really well.

6. Maintaining.

Although everything is done, it does not mean it’s over already. We still have to keep the website. We could fix or even update so clients will not be disappointed. That is the most crucial part of website development.

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